iZettle - Store Pack

Printer Type
iPad Stand

This iZettle Pack includes all the Hardware to get started- apart from an iPad. If you require an iPad please email for a quote.We sell them at competitive prices.

An iZettle account is needed in order to use the card reader.

Choose between the Bluetooth printer, ideal for pop-up stores without a fixed internet connection or where the router is a distance from your POS.If your happy with cables plugged into the iPad select the TSP-143III with Lightening cable. If the Router is by your POS station the Ethernet(LAN) printer uses the cable to plug into the router, making it a wireless printer. With Ethernet more than one iPad could print to the printer, the Bluetooth and USB can only connect to one iPad at a time.

  • Card reader: iZettle Reader (White Only until Jan 2019)
  • Card reader stand: iZettle Dock (White Only until Jan 2019)
  • Receipt printer: Select required connection. Star TSP-654IIBi, Star TSP-654II Lan or TSP-143IIIUSB (with lightening cable)
  • Cash drawer: Star CB-2002 Cash Drawer
  • Tablet stand: Spacepole C-Frame Universal 10" Tablet Stand
  • Spacepole C-Frame  Cash Drawer Wrap
  • Receipt rolls. Box of 20.

If you do not want some parts of the Pack email or use Live chat and we will quote you for what you require.