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Citizen C2202-PD Luminous display for POS

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The C2202-PD customer display from Citizen presents customer information with 2x20 characters on the particularly luminous VFD in blue/green.

A brightness of 700 cd/m² and a character height of 9 mm enhances the clear display of price and product information.

Diverse stand options are already included in the delivery. Therefore you assemble the display either directly on the stand without a pole, or with the short pole of 14.5 cm, with the large pole of 28.5 cm, or in combination with a total height of 37.5 cm. The display head is adjustable by 340° both horizontally and vertically. Combined with the viewing angle of more than 30°, the information is presented to the customer from every possible angle.

You easily connect the customer display to the system via RS-232 interface, thereby installing it in all surroundings in shops, boutiques, retail or at petrol stations. The power supply (12V) is already included standard. Choose from the trendy black or white colours, and you can start using the C2202-PD without complicated adjustment.