Duracase Multi-Bay Charging Adapter

As a small, attachable, one-handed, and overall convenient barcode scanner, the DuraCase requires an equally convenient means of charging. The DuraCase Charging Adapter is easy to plug in and charge. Just plug in, snap in place, and wait for your barcode scanner with its mobile device to charge. You will be back on the job with your trusty DuraCase in no time. Small, light and easy to travel with.

DuraCase 6 Multi-Bay Charger


A business is rarely run with just one employee. With multiple workers scanning barcodes, a business is bound to have multiple barcode scanners and DuraCases on hand that need charging. Why charge one DuraCase and mobile device at a time? Charge up to six separate DuraCases, 800 Series scanners and mobile devices at the same time for the ultimate convenience.

Simple solution for charging and connecting DuraCase contained devices. Great for stationary charging requirements. 

Due to varying countries’ outlets, the DuraCase 6 Multi-Bay Charger power chords are NOT included in the package.