Evolis Printer Cleaning products


Cleaning material for Evolis new range of card printers: Zenius, Primacy, Primacy Lamination, Avansia, Badgy 200, Elypso, KC200/200B

ACL001 Regular Cleaning Kit  (for cleaning roller and print head)
5 adhesive cards, 5 swabs 
ACL002 Advanced Cleaning Kit  (for a complete cleaning of the printer)
2 pre-saturated 'T' cards, 2 adhesive cards, 1 pen, 1 dispenser of 60 pre-saturated wipes 
ACL003 Adhesive Card Cleaning Kit  (for cleaning roller)
50 adhesive cards
ACL004 T' Card Cleaning Kit  (for transport rollers)
10 pre-saturated 'T' cards
ACL005 Pen Cleaning Kit  (for print head)
3 cleaning pens - Up to 8 uses
ACL006 Adhesive Card (Rollers)
5 adhesive cards
ACL007 Dry Swab (Print Head)
3 swabs