Koamtac Ring Scanner

Ring Scanner

Wearable accessories for Hands-free Auto-ID

 The Finger Trigger Glove and Ring Scanner are the perfect solution for anyone who requires the use of both hands while scanning. Made of durable, yet lightweight, material both solutions are hard-wired directly to your KDC® for a guaranteed connection resulting in efficient hands-free scanning and the ease of a Bluetooth® connection to your tablet or smartphone.

The ergonomic design reduces strain while keeping the wearable accessories sanitary when transferring between users. This comfortability reduces accidents such as dropping the scanner on a hard cement loor, meaning less replacement and lower overall cost.

Both the Finger Trigger Glove and Ring Scanner have a low proile reducing interference when carrying or sorting through objects increasing ease of use and therefore productivity.

Coming in various sizes and with adjustable velcro straps, the Finger Trigger Glove and Ring Scanner are made for every person with a need to scan on-the-go.

Ideal Industries for Hands-Free Auto-ID

    • Warehouse

Moving, tracking, and storing huge volumes of inventory quickly is dificult with a bulky in-hand scanner. The KDC is rugged and these accessories reduce accidental drops.

    • Field Services

Stay up-to-date on progress while your technician is in the ield delivering quality customer service and ensuring success without a bulky scanner.

    • Retail

Retail employees on the loor need quick access to product information while juggling customer service and inventory management – they don’t need another object in their hands!

    • Transportation and Logistics

Manage couriers, packages, deliveries and shipments worldwide with versatility and ease.


The Finger Trigger Glove or Ring Scanner come in various sizes to it your needs. The Finger Trigger Gloves are hand-speciic and come in Small, Medium, and Large for the KDC200/300/350. The Ring Scanner also comes ready for your KDC200/300/350 and comes ready to it either hand at any size ready to it on one or two ingers to maximize comfortability. Use the chart below to ind the best wearable accessory for your KDC.