Newland NFT10 Pilot Pro Mobile

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The NFT10 Pilot Pro, Newland’s front-runner in the new Pro-series, is here to help you work smarter, wherever you are! Designed to bridge the gap between elite durability & irresistible design, this Android Mobile Computer offers all the style, functionality and support needed for any enterprise. It’s fueled with elevated features, including Android 9.0, a 5.7” durable touch screen and biometric fingerprint security and is Android Enterprise Recommended by Google. Time to navigate your in-field activities with ease, ascend to intensified scanning levels or prepare for freefall with top-end durability. You’re the pilot!

Android Enterprise Recommended.

The NFT10 Pilot Pro is the first Newland device to be Android Enterprise Recommended (AER). In order to obtain this validation, the NFT10 Pilot Pro has undergone thorough testing against best practices and standards validated by Google. These requirements focus on elevated hardware, deployment, security and user experience for enterprise use. So rest assured, the NFT10 Pilot Pro packs all the essential features for your enterprise application. Examples include that certified devices must support zero-touch enrollment and receive regular security patches every 90 days.

Extended connectivity

As an elite PDA, the NFT10 Pilot Pro connects core scanning capabilities with mobile must-haves, such as: 4G, dual-band WiFi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth 4. Additionally, this Pro series Mobile Computer includes dual SIM options for extended connectivity. This allows you to connect with the most suitable provider around. The option for Google Mobile Services (GMS) has further optimized the Pilot Pro for in-field and on-the-go situations. With a long-lasting 4800 mAh battery and low-energy design, the NFT10 Pilot Pro keeps you moving and connected longer.

Irresistible Design.

Designed to thrive in any situation, the NFT10 Pilot Pro prospers in any hand or environment. Its sleek design matches the look and feel of high-end consumer smartphones. Featuring one of the largest durable touchscreens on the market, this makes for easy and intuitive use. But there is more than meets the eye. The fingerprint biometric on the back of the device allows you to unlock the device with one hand, adding an extra layer of comfort and security. Its metal housing is also sealed to IP67 standards for enduring protection against water and dust. This makes the NFT10 Pilot Pro a versatile solution for various environments, from corporate offices to distribution centers.