Phoenix Condor expansion kit

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The Condor Expansion kit enables increased coverage by providing two wall-mountable Condor beamforming microphone arrays and a Stingray DSP mixer. This expansion kit is perfect for large collaboration spaces of all shapes and sizes. A DSP with no programming required, paired with two microphone arrays, allows you the flexibility to place them anywhere in the room to capture high-quality audio.

Controls On The Device:

4-Button Directional Pad and LCD Screen on Device

Online Web GUI Accessed through Network

PHNX Connect: Controller App

Powering Options:

External 18V Power Supply – Regional Specific


The Condor expansion kit comes with two installation options:

    • Wall mounting; the Condor comes with two wall mounting brackets
    • Table Top; it can be placed on a shelf or tabletop

Each Stingray unit Includes:

  • USB-B to USB-A cable
  • 18V power supply
  • Regional power cable
  • Two (2x) rack mounting brackets
  • Stingray Wire Removal Tool

Each Condor Set Includes:

  • USB cable
  • 5V power supply
  • CAT5 Cable
  • 2 wall mounting brackets and 2 stands
  • 2.25 ” Diameter / 48″ Length
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs

PHNX Connect: Controller App

Now Available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Set up Guide