Pop Up Self Build Exhibition Stands

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The simple lightweight and practical pop up display not only delivers portability and easy assembly, but can be easily linked and configured to form exhibition solutions for variable stand spaces.

A real benefit of pop up displays is that display modules can be split in between exhibitions for use by sales staff or used in showrooms / reception areas to maximise your display investment.

Example exhibition layouts below show various stand configurations up to 6m x 3m. The versatility of the pop up allows you to create unlimited configurations using a combination of structures.

The images some examples of stand layouts

P3x2-1aC  2x Straight Pop up 1x3, 2 Curved Pop Up 3x3, 2 Ghost Panels 420 wide, iPad versa 2 Display.

P3x2-1aS  2x Straight Pop up 1x3, 1 Straight Pop up 2x3, 2 Ghost Panels 673 wide, Mini Pop up with Moonbase Tablet Display.

P3x2-2aC  1x Straight Pop up 1x3, 1 Curved Pop up 3x3, 1 Ghost Panels 360 wide, iPad Podium Display, Trolley Case table top conversion, A4 Portrait ST1 literature presenter.

P3x2-2aS  1x Straight Pop up 3x3, 1 straight Pop up 1x3, 1 Ghost Panels 325 wide, iPad Versa 1 display, A4 Portrait Literature Presenter.

P3x2-2bC  1x Curved Pop Up 3x3,  A4 Portrait Literature Presenter , Pop Up Counter 2x2 with Moonbase desktop tablet display.

P3x2-3aH  Hybrid Pop up ( 1 inner curve, 1 Straight curve, 1 outer curve) , Mini POP up counter x1, A4 Portrait ST1, iPad column display with face mounted graphic.

P4x3-1aC  2x Hybrid PopUp(1 straight, 2 inner curve), 2 Ghost panel 368 wide, 1 Straight Pop up 2x3, A4 Portrait ST1, iPad curve display.

P6x3-3aH 2  x Curved Pop Up 2x3, 1x Curved Inner 2x3, 1x Curved Outer 2x3,2xGhost Wide panel 673 wide,2x  iPad podium Display, Pop Up Counter 2x2, A4 Portrait literature presenter 


These are to show what can be done. If you would like a Layout designed for you please complete the Form here and email it to us.