Studio Proper Pivot iPad stand

iPad Lock belt

P/O/S Pivot

Please order the appropriate Lock Belt for the iPad you have.

Seamless, elegant and durable Point Of Sale stand that's designed to be the perfect option for every businesses. Adjust the screen angle or flip the screen smoothly to forward or rear facing orientations. Integrated cable routing provides for a clutter free setup that stays out of the way.

Sleek & Durable.

Built to emphasise the beauty and innovation of your iPad Point of Sale setup, the P/O/S Pivot stand is the ultimate combination of sleek and elegant, whilst being incredibly robust and durable. Machined from a solid billet of Aluminium with a matte, anodised surface, the P/O/S Pivot stand can hold its own in the busiest of environments.

Cables Managed.

The P/O/S Pivot stand has an integrated cable management channel that allows you to conveniently run security and charging cables through the stand and up to your iPad with minimal visual clutter. Say goodbye to unruly cables, P/O/S Pivot keeps all cables in check and out of the way.

Oriented to All Environments.

The P/O/S Pivot stand allows your iPad to be used in both portrait and landscape orientations.  You can easily move between orientations without removing your iPad at any time.

Wall Mountable.

The Proper P/O/S Pivot sStand can be wall mounted, providing the perfect angled solution that's at home on the wall, readily available and yet completely out of the way.