RepairShopr Basic Pack


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Star TSP-143 Lan, Cash Drawer and Box of 20 Thermal rolls.

This pack is all that is required to get started with RepairShopr on a PC/Macbook. The Ethernet cable plugs into the router and puts the Printer on the wifi network. Shopify POS will then find the printer. The cash drawer has an RJ-1 cable which plugs into the back of the Printer and will open when a sale is completed.



Topaz Signature Pad

Barcode Scanner

Dymo Label printer


The Most Complete Repair Shop Platform Available.

One-Man Army? Full-Service Shop? Cell Phone Repair Shop? Multiple Locations? We Have You Covered! 
Increase Shop Efficiency with RepairShopr's Workflow
Build Customer Relationships with Integrated Communication Tools
Create Repeat Business and Attract New Customers with Leads and Marketing Tools.

Customers and CRM

With powerful customer management and search you have your entire database instantly available from anywhere. We added the important parts of a CRM and left out all the confusing stuff so your team will ramp up quickly and get to work.

  • CRM with multiple contacts, notes fields, and more
  • Estimates, Invoices, and Tickets all in the same place
  • Email and SMS integrated for easy communication
  • Referral source tracking and reporting
  • Summary billing statements
  • Barcode labels auto-print on creation
  • Manage and track customer credits
  • Contact history for emailed invoices and marketing
  • Stored credit cards for easy billing
  • Customer Web Portal

    Your customers will feel safer and more confident with the ability to check status, see invoice history, and preview and approve/decline estimates all from a portal they can access with just a click from all the emails you send them. The portal can be translated to any language for you international users.

    • Web access customer portal via login or email link
    • Give customers access to complete account history
    • Easy invoice and payment tracking for business clients
    • Download Invoice and Ticket PDFs


    Ticket List for Easy Job Management

    The heart and soul of a repair shop is the ticketing system - and we know it. Your tickets will show you exactly what you need, when you need it, from any device including cell phones on the go. The super light weight workflows will gently prompt you to the next task without getting in your way or slowing you down.

    • Organize by status, problem type, customer
    • Filter by assigned tech and current ticket status
    • Track by created date or due date
    • Color coding for quick view of last updates


    Heads-up In-Shop Ticket Display

    The all new Ticket Dashboard will help you avoid those frustrated customer calls because someone hasn't heard from you, and you'll never have to worry about your team working on the wrong thing because of convenient (and customizable) color coding keeps the urgent stuff on the top of the list and standing out!

    • Designed for large screen TV or monitor
    • Automatically refreshes to keep job statuses current
    • At-a-glance view lets techs easily prioritize jobs
    • Quickly see ticket quantity and status breakdown

    PBX/Phone system integration for call tracking