Socket Mobile DuraSled DS800, CX3367-2319 Linear Barcode Scanning Sled for iPhone 11 Pro (6 units) & 6 Bay Charger Bundle - UK

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DuraSled DS800, Linear Barcode Scanning Sled for iPhone 11 Pro (6 units) & 6 Bay Charger Bundle - UK

For Apple® iPhone 6/7/8, XR/X/Xs, 11/11 Pro, 6/7/8 Plus, Xs Max, 11 Pro Max and iPod touch 5th/6th/7th Generation

The DuraSled™ DS800 is a 1D barcode scanning sled with Bluetooth® wireless technology for Apple iPhones and iPods. The sled protects devices from tumbles, is easy-to-use and ideal for delivery services, stock counting, ticketing and other application-driven mobile solutions. Simply insert your iPhone/iPod, pair your scanner and you are ready to go.


The DuraSled’s core elements remain constant, enabling seamless transitions to the ever-changing iPhone models, using the same application and same DuraSled charging infrastructure.

DuraSled supports the iPod, iPhone 6, 7, 8, iPhone X series and the entire iPhone 11 series. The core components don’t change when switching to a new iPhone model, enabling users to maintain their mobile deployment investments for a relevant number of years.


• Interchangeable Scanner - Barcode scanner can be used separately, attached to a different iPhone/iPod, or inserted into any sized DuraCase.

• Interchangeable Accessories – All accessories for DuraSled, DuraScan 800 Series and DuraCase are the same.

• Combines and protects both your Apple device and 800 Series scanner with a durable Elastomeric (rubber) case.

• Integrates connectors from both devices directly into the case for dual charging.

• Features magnetic contacts for ease of docking.

• Made with antimicrobial material for ease of cleaning and extra protection against potentially harmful microbes.

• Designed & made in USA.