Star AsuraCPRNT- ex demo-Sale

This was a office unit used to test. Not used often. Unboxed.

The AsuraCPRNT from Star Micronics is the worlds first interactive communication platform and printer. It has been designed primarily for Retail environments and offers a solution for printing receipts, tickets and coupons in store, running in store promotions, checking prices, digital signage, endless aisle, queue management / busting, stock checking, loyalty schemes, virtual help desk and more. The list is virtually endless.

At its heart is a powerful ARM processor that manages a touch screen and 80mm printer. The AsuraCPRNT is available with optional integrated MSR, barcode and NFC readers.

The AsuraCPRNTs computing power offers the capability to display and deliver audio-visual messages on its own screen and external digital signage. The AsuraCPRNT also has the ability to drive applications and web content to other digital devices such as customers smart phones, merchant tablets and store kiosks.