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December 08, 2021

From the front of your store to the back of your warehouse, ENS designs solutions for your technology to seamlessly secure, pair, charge and communicate. When you work with ENS we put our knowledge and passion in action to create unique, innovative products that enhance the experiences of both our partners and their end users. ENS. Better by Design.

ENS Group has over 10 million products in use worldwide. We can be found in over 40 countries across the globe, in locations ranging from supermarkets and QSR, retail, retail banking, ticketing and kiosk to hospitality to leisure.

ENS has an evolving list of Core products – products relevant for the current marketplace and ready to be ordered off the shelf and delivered quickly.

ENS has developed over 5,000 custom solutions for our customers in a wide variety of product groups. Designing and delivering custom solutions is what we are best at and it’s what we have been doing for over two decades for many of the largest retailers.

ENS works with some of the world’s largest technology providers to make specific solutions for their devices. These OEM products are available exclusively through these partners.