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Citizen CT-S4000 Compact Thermal Printer

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The CT-S4000 is a thermal printer capable of processing very large-sized media. Already well known for years, this printer produces receipts with a maximum width of 112 mm. The printer accepts different sizes of 80, 82.5 and 112 mm width, as well as large rolls with 102 mm in diameter, and easy paper loading allows even the most untrained worker to complete this task within seconds.
Produce value-added receipts and vouchers with 8 dots/mm (203 dpi) at 150 mm per second: the integrated cutter separates the receipts cleanly and automatically, and with special paper, the CT-S4000 also prints two-coloured receipts for promotions and advertising. An integrated flash memory module (384 kB) allows for storage of individual logos and symbols. The whole printing process is accelerated while waiting times are reduced significantly.

A sophisticated design makes it possible to place the CT-S4000 horizontally, vertically or using the optional wall-mounting kit, directly on the wall. The AC adaptor is already integrated into the compact body, which makes additional external devices obsolete. The integrated dual interface guarantees easy connectivity: every standard CT-S4000 model is equipped with a USB interface. Additionally, you can equip the printer with an optional parallel or serial interface to access existing infrastructure. Cash drawers are connected using one of the two printer ports.

Like all other Citizen printers, the CT-S4000 also comes with professional customisation software. The configuration interface is extremely easy to use and allows extensive changes for one or many printers in just a matter of seconds.