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Datacard CMYKP CR805 Ribbon – 513382-201

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Datacard CMYKP CR805 Ribbon

Datacard Part Number: 513382-201

Pigment Ink Ribbon

Retransfer ribbon

A retransfer ribbon will come as two separate ribbons in order to complete the printing process. The colour ribbon will print onto the clear film and this then transfers onto the card for extra security

The CR805 ribbon is designed specifically for the CR805 retransfer card printer.

Included in the CR805 card printer kits is one ribbon, one isopropanol cleaning card and one adhesive cleaning sleeve. You can order additional cleaning cards and cleaning sleeves separately.

Each ribbon prints 1000 images on the single sided printer and 500 on the double sided printer.

Using pigment ink increases the durability of the images on the cards and ensures a high end look.


  • Cleaning supply
  • 1000 images per ribbon (single sided)
  • 500 images per ribbon (double sided)