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Evolis A5003 Head Cleaning kit

Please get in touch to find out when we will have this item back in.

HeadClean Cleaning Kit (for thermal print head) includes 1 case of 25 cleaning swabs with spatula foam tip and plastic reservoir handling isopropanol (IPA) alcohol. 

Evolis Cleaning material for the print head of : Tattoo, TattooRW, Pebble, Zenius, Primacy, Edikio, Dualys, Securion & Quantum printers.

Storage Information: The cleaning materials shall be capable of functioning for up to 2 years after purchase if stored in a cool, dry environment and having remained unopened from the original packaging. Temperature of storage must be between 10-30°C and at RH between 30-80%.Once opened the dispenser of 60 pre-saturated lint-free wipes shall have a lifetime of 6 months if stored under cool, dry conditions.


Evolis Cleaning data sheet