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SumUp 3G Card Reader

April 16, 2019

SumUp Card payments.

The 3G Card Reader is SumUp’s latest innovation and is singular in the fact that it is our standalone device, meaning it does not require a mobile phone or tablet to accept card payments. As the card reader comes with unlimited data, it independently establishes a network connection to process payments.

☉ Overall costs 

The 3G Card Reader is sold at a one-time purchase price of 99 GBP/ 99 EUR (excl. VAT). After this, you will only pay a fee per transaction, and there are no monthly fees. This means that you do not have to pay for the cellular data as it is included in the initial purchase price.

☉ Accepted Cards

The SumUp 3G Card Reader can process the following credit or debit cards: Visa, V Pay, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

☉ Payment Methods 

With a registered SumUp account and this reader, merchants can provide the payment options of chip, magstripe, contactless (NFC).

☉ Receipts

Provide customers with their receipts via email or SMS.

☉ Refunds

Easily issue a refund if necessary.

☉ Tipping

A tipping function can be enabled that allows customers to tip.

☉ Employee Accounts

In your personal dashboard at, you can create multiple sub-accounts, enabling your employees to log in to the reader without having access to your account details.

☉ Battery 

Charge your reader with the included USB type C cable by connecting it to your computer or another power source. A fully charged battery provides 50+ transactions.


Note: This does not connect to a Receipt printer

The SumUp Air reader connects to your Smartphone and uses the free Sum up App ( you can download from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play(Android).

SumUp have integrated the Bixolon bluetooth mobile receipt printer if you need to be able to print a receipt. Please note a cash drawer will not connect to a mobile printer.